Humans and plants have co-evolved for centuries. Agriculture is one way that we see how plants have changed to meet human needs. Tapping into the specific healing properties of plants is another. Commonwealth Apothecary is a learning space to better understand the benefits that plants can provide for our own well being. Here, you can take control of your own health by learning how to approach your whole body + lifestyle as an integrated, beautiful, complex system. With education, coaching, consultation, and workshops, you can be in charge of your own wellness through the wealth of the commons: nature's wisdom. 

Our Story

Trista Grigsby has over 20 years of experience in organic farming, sustainable agriculture, nutrition education, and herbal education. Her wonder + love for  plants that heal began in 1995 at Appalachian State University's center for agroecology in Cove Creek, North Carolina, where she grew her first organic vegetables and made her first calendula salve, mullein tea, and comfrey poultice. Since then she has deepened her understanding of plant cultivation and plants that heal, seeking botanical allies to human health in the farm and in the woods. 

Most recently, Trista has studied with Teresa Boardwine, AHG, at Green Comfort Herb School. She completed Foundations of Medical Herbalism and Herbal Apothecary courses in 2013. She apprenticed with Green Comfort for an additional year, making medicine, sustainably wildcrafting + growing herbs, and seeing clients in a clinical setting. She is currently working toward her admission into the American Herbalists Guild, the only professionally recognized herbalism organization in the U.S. She holds her teacher's certification in Horticulture. 


We look forward to helping you meet your specific wellness needs.